About NatureGreen

Our facility is located in western Ukraine, at the border with Slovakia and Hungary surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in vertical farming techniques through quality, freshness, and service.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products while maximizing return using vertical farming techniques while being conscious of our environmental footprint.

Our Values

Create value for consumers through a culture that fosters trust and respect while inspiring employee development:

Let us tell you about our shiitake journey

Who we are?

Can a freshly graduated agronomy student become a leading specialist in mushroom farming within two years?

Ultimately, our answer is YES! It all started with a couple of investors looking for specialists to set up a shiitake growing farm in Ukraine. As growing exotic mushrooms is not typical for this geographical region, the search was tricky. One of the first starting points was the Biology Department of the Uzhhorod National University. After our initial conversation, the dean of the faculty recommended getting in touch with Andrew without any hesitation.

So, after an interview, we realized Andrew’s potential and motivation to grow shiitake mushrooms, and the journey started. 

After a couple of years of hard work – investigation and experience exchange in shiitake growing industry all over the world – he started planning and setting up the equipment for the first-ever shiitake farm in Ukraine.

In three years, Andrew’s knowledge and unstoppable desire to work on the product’s quality have led us to organic shiitake mushrooms cultivation and retail. Nature Green provides its customers in Europe with high-quality exotic mushrooms.

At the moment Andrew is our agronomist and quality manager. He is a core member of our shiitake farming team in Uzhhorod and strives to optimize the cultivation process. Currently, he is working on his thesis on recycling and environmental protection and shares his research results at various microbiology and agronomics conferences worldwide.

CHARITY from the production start

What we do:
  • supply local hospitals, monasteries
  • support local non-profit organizations
  • provide mushrooms for the hot meals programs
  • donate 50-150 kg exotic mushrooms a week

RECYCLING is a part of our mission

What we do:
  • use spent substrate as fertilizer for fruit and vegetable fields
  • utilize wood waste as heating elements
  • use packaging from recycled materials
  • work on a 0-waste production facility