Exotic Mushrooms Retail

Exotic Mushrooms Retail in Organic Quality

In order to guarantee the best-quality organic mushrooms, we conduct strict & meticulous product quality control at all cultivation stages. After harvesting, our shiitake, golden enoki, or lion’s mane mushrooms are sorted by size and appearance.

They are then packaged and prepared for delivery. You can trust our product’s quality and your customers will enjoy fresh, rich-tasting exotic mushrooms. Exotic mushrooms retail in Europe in accordance with the highest organic product standards.

We use 100% natural raw material

Our eco-products are certified

All mushrooms are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Quality Assurance

We cultivate exotic mushrooms using the best raw materials, supplying European markets with high-quality organic products with full traceability.

Customer Service

NatureGreen demonstrates flexibility, support and assistance. We take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Year-Round Availability

We know that our customers require a reliable supplier. We grow and deliver our organic mushrooms all year round.

Exotic Mushrooms Retail -PACKAGING

We offer individual buyer-oriented packaging solutions which suit your needs:

  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Efficient packaging due to size and quality control
  • Wholesale cartons for high-volume orders
  • Branded labeling and size-customized packaging are possible
  • High volume orders for supermarket chains

All our exotic mushrooms are sorted and packed manually under thorough quality control. Each mushroom’s size in a package is checked and sorted accordingly. The minimal packaging unit weight is 100 gr. We recommend an optimal package weight of 200 grams.

Exotic mushrooms retail – packaging possibilities:

Plastic crates

1,5 kg each = 200 crates/ 300kg in a full pallet

Plastic crates

2 kg each = 200 crates/ 400kg in a full pallet

Pulp punnet from recycled paper

100 gr each = 800 punnets / 80 kg in a full pallet

Any specific questions about exotic mushrooms retail?

Please contact us in case you wish a different kind of packaging

Exotic Mushrooms Retail – LOGISTICS

We guarantee fresh eco-products delivered straight after harvesting:

  • Flexible delivery planning
  • Reach any Europe-wide destination within 5 days
  • International air freight
  • Hygienic refrigerated vehicles

NatureGreen delivers fresh exotic mushrooms in optimal condition. Our refrigerated vehicles allow hygienic transportation of mushrooms with minimal quality loss. Permanent temperature control keeps the mushrooms fresh for up to 14 days. Usual storage and transportation temperature stays at +2 C°. At this temperature range, our products keep all nutritious values and preserve all vitamins and minerals.

Mushroom Quality Certification